Now, did you get it?

Posted on Φεβρουαρίου 14, 2012


(Το κείμενο είναι η ανάρτηση «Τώρα το κατάλαβες«, που το αναδημοσίευσαν οι Electric Litany στη σελίδα τους στο facebook. H αγγλική μετάφραση είναι δική τους.)

Did you attend the demonstrations, because you feel your life is falling apart? Tomorrow you ll be getting a 450 euro salary? They steal your life in front of your eyes and then making a mockery of it?

Did you protest and they called you a bum? They attacked you with chemicals? They beat you? Did you see your neighbour with swollen eyes?

How many unemployed members do you have in your family? Did you have enough money to buy gas and warm your house this year? Are you happy?

How many homeless people can you count within an hour in Athens?

You worked a lifetime and are getting a pension below the poverty line? No one recruits anyone with insurance? Or are you one of 1,000,000 unemployed?

These are all questions you have as well? Ok.

And you have not yet understood that nothing will be given for free? Nothing will be given to you. You should go ahead and claim what you can and should get. Jump over the trap, leave aside the «cheese» of well a behaved citizen. Claim and strike back!

Stop deluding yourselves. What do you think? You think because you ‘re playing the role of the victim they’ll pity you?

Stop crawling, and stop being sensitive. Be Sensual, hear, feel, learn what is already ahead of you.

They’re stepping on you.

Wake up!

Strike back on them. Using the same method, the same coin.

*Electric Litany on facebook

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